The new WilsonPro Enterprise signal amplifiers (the Enterprise 1300 and Enterprise 4300) with coverage spaces of up to 40,000 sq. ft and 100,000 sq. ft respectively are the latest commercial-grade signal boosters replacing the old WilsonPro 1000 (460237) and 4000 (460231) models. Both the Enterprise 1300 (460149) and 4300R (460152) wall-mounted Passive DAS cellular signal boosting amplifiers come with rack-mounted versions as well i.e., Enterprise 1300R (460150) and 4300R (460153).

The difference between the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 and 1300 is that the 4300 has 4 in-built amplifiers (Four indoor antennas output ports) whereas 1300 has a single amplifier (one indoor antenna output).

New Features

The new model amplifiers distinguish themselves from the old models in the following areas:

Increased power, with +26 dBm uplink power, and +17 dBm downlink

MTT (Multi-Tower Targeting) technology utilizing 3 donor antenna ports, to ensure multi-tower coverage and ease of installing multiple donor antennas. The configuration can offer a Frequency-specific “split mode” option, facilitating separate outdoor antennas for different bands, resulting in improved indoor coverage.

Remote monitoring through the Wilson Cloud service

Integration of the Local Amplifier Configuration Utility via ethernet for easy settings changes.

There are several causes of poor in-building signal coverage including; cell tower distance, outdoor interference, and building material. In urban the material in most cases is responsible for the poor in-building wireless reception while the cell tower distance contributes largely in rural areas. Most older buildings are built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards using materials such as brick, block, steel, and concrete that block cell signals. Problems brought about by the aforementioned factors of signal degradation in a building are solved using the Enterprise 1300 and 4300 commercial cellular amplifiers which essentially bridge the distance between the nearest cell tower, bypass the building material interference and amplify weak outdoor signals for broadcasting indoors.

Additional features include:

Depending on the outdoor signal, the distributed antennas can strategically be positioned in a building and the number of indoor or broadcast antennas to be used is dependent on the signal booster selected. For example, the 1300 WilsonPro Enterprise can take up to 6 inside antennas while the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 up to 20 indoor antennas. Click here for a different signal booster kit that could suit your situation.
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