Have you been wondering whether or if the AT&T Global Modem USB800 has an antenna port to hook up and external antenna? Most USB modems come with one or more external antenna ports. The USB800 modem has a TS9 antenna port that you can attach an external cellular antenna to improve the cell signal to your cellular USB modem device.

To improve your USB Modem cell signal you may consider attaching an external cellular antenna or using a cellular amplifier/signal booster system. The low cost and most efficient is using an external cellular antenna that is directly attached to your USB modem.

External cellular antennas include; directional antenna kits such as RFWY12-USB800-020 with 20 ft low loss coaxial cable, RFWY12-USB800-050 with 50 ft low loss coaxial, and RFWLPCAB240PIGTS9 (with 20 ft coaxial cable).

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For a custom signal improvement solution, P
lease contact an RFWEL Wireless Indoor Coverage Specialist.