TADPT2 Third Party Thermostat Adaptor allows control of Samsung HVAC equipment with a 24VAC thermostat. The thermostat adapter must be connected to F1/F2 terminals. It can offer control for up to two indoor units on the same system simultaneously. In such a case, the indoor units are controlled as a group, not individually.
Controlling one indoor unit
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Controlling two indoor units simultaneously
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MIM-A60UN allows control of one indoor unit with a 24VAC thermostat. MIM-A60UN connects to the F3/F4 wired controller communication line hence it does not need to be installed on/in the indoor unit(s). It supports 1 or 2 stages cooling inputs as well as 1 or 2 stages heating inputs.

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*The field-provided (sold-separately) 24VAC transformer required (Samsung multi-position AHU's contain a 24VAC transformer) when connecting both adapters to thermostats can be purchased here

Both the F3/F4 as well F1/F2 adapter versions have the same software.

Central controls such as DMS2, DMS2.5, MIM-H03UN, and MCM-A300N can only monitor indoor units without offering control when using TADPT2 as well as MIM-A60UN.

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