Internet of things can be seen as interconnectivity of smart devices. IoT devices have sensors and software that enable the collection and exchange of data via the internet. These objects can include humidity sensors, temperature sensors, cameras, and even smart fridges. IoT objects can be controlled remotely to allow direct integration with monitoring and computer systems. This is where remote terminal units (RTUs) come in.

RTUs have the capability to interface the sensors with different I/Os and connectivity to the internet for sending and receiving data from the cloud or monitoring systems. For purpose of redundancy, they usually have multi-WAN connectivity. For instance, the WTI CPM-800 have two ETH-WANs and a 4G cellular connectivity for cloud communications. Other RTUs that can be used include the Redlions, and Sierra Wireless.

With IoT application, smart homes, businesses or smart farms can become easy to manage. Imagine a smart fridge communicating directly to retail stores for delivery of food items (depending on set parameters), and all we have to do is approve payments and monitor delivery. Offices can utilize IoT to monitor power usage and other utilities reports which can be used for better planning and optimization using other applicable sensors or manual commands from a NOC personnel.

All these monitoring and controlling can be done at the comfort of our desks or on our smart phones with remote control/monitoring devices. With IoT, it is highly likely we can improve efficiency of users.

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