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Wilson Electroncis vs Cyfre vs Dynaboost

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  • Wilson Electroncis vs Cyfre vs Dynaboost

    This is confusing ... what is the difference between Wilson Amplifiers, Cyfre & Dynaboost and why should i get one over the other - you guys should really try and explain this better online to make it easier for ordinary people like me to figure it out - i know you guys probably know exaclty what the differences are but it's not really easy to just read the discription and understand.

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    Comparison of Cellular Amplifiers (Wilson Electronics vs Dynaboost vs Cyfre)

    1) cyfre amplifiers and dyna-boost are essentially the same amplifier internally ? same company manufacturers them and both contain Motorola radios

    2) the difference between these and Wilson electronics is that Wilson electronics NEED to communicate with the cellular tower for power control

    a. we already talked about why a mobile device (phone/amplifier/aircard etc) needs to control its transmit power ? this is critical for CDMA systems since they are using the same frequency band and multi-user access is accomplished by different mobile devices having a very fast (very wide bandwidth) "spreading" code. -- Hence the term "Spread Spectrum" system.

    b. it does this using control packets ? the cellular tower sends packets to the mobile device telling it how much power it should transmit ? this ensure that all mobile devices talking to tower are all playing fair and one does not drown out the other

    c. why cellular carries DONT necessarily endorse Wilson is because of this power control mechanism. It takes up bandwidth! However since these amplifiers are FCC certified they are perfectly legal and don't disrupt anything.

    d. cyfre/dynaboost uses digital signal processing (DSP) to control its output power to it does not need to keep the tower busy.

    e. Of course who cares what the carrier thinks except the carriers To the end user a good received signal strength is all that matters and i would think the carriers would be happy when they customers improve the signal strength on their own since this reduces churn (defections) and saves them the $$ to build out their coverage themselves. Its much easier to do power control the Wilson way so these tend to have much better specifications than cyfre/dyna-boost.

    f. Wilson electronics is also much cheaper and has a much better market penetration. This is a big one as it lets you know just how many people have found them useful.

    g. On the other hand Cyfre/Dynaboost systems that seem comparable to Wilson electroncis equivalents usually have more bells and whistles such as # of users they can support etc.

    Conclusion is that it's not easy comparing apples to apples. We will try and set up a comparison java applet to help customers select. For now your best bet is to talk to an Rfwel wireless support specialist with your individual application scenario and he/she will be able to pinpoint the minimum features to consider.