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boosting wireless 1000 feet

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  • boosting wireless 1000 feet

    i have a metal building and i have an office it is approximately 1,000 feet from the house. at the house i have dsl and the cell phone signal is strong even outside the building. neither the wifi or the mobile phones work in the building. is there a system i could get that would allow these devices to work in the building?

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    Yes please see: for examples


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      is there a kit i could buy? because i also need one.


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        is there a kit where i could buy for this type of situation?


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          It's hard to pre-assemble these kits in advance of make them fully configurable before ordering because each situation is very different and as such may need many variations to get an optimal solution.

          If you let us know the following we can send you a link to every component you would need to achieve your objective:
          1) Distance of the link?
          2) Is the link a direct line-of-sight or are there any obstructions? If there are obstructions what is in the way (e.g trees, buildings, etc) and where is the obstruction located e.g a single tree with dense folliage at xxx ft etc
          3) what is your desired speed? or if not sure what is the application you need to use and what is the Internet source?
          4) What is the distance between the outdoor location where antennas/radios could be mounted and internal connection center?