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amplifier & telular fixed cellular terminal

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  • amplifier & telular fixed cellular terminal

    hi ...we have some property in mexico about 70 miles south of douglas, az. and i noticed that you sell telular products specificly model sx7t what i am wondering is if there is a cheaper product available as telcel here in mexico sells another product called avvio gd-850t/tf that seems to do the same thing ...also our area has sporadic cell signals or rather good signals but in sporadic areas but if i use a yagi antenna i can get a full bar signal so we are wondering what it would cost to say set up a repeater at the top of a hill, re-beam the signal to our area to cover it more completely

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    Yes there are lower cost versions of the fixed cellular terminals but it pretty much depends on what the minimum feature set you need is. Here is a comparison chart for Telular products: For example if you dont need a cellular router capability (web browsing etc) and can do without battery backup then the SX5t or SX5e would be good enough.

    Would this be powered by a U.S carrier or Mexican?

    It is not really practical to implement a repeater far from the terminal but an amplifier connected directly to the terminal works very well in most cases. So something like this: (this is based on the Option Globesurfer III which is both a cellular router and a fixed cellular terminal) but the idea is the same for any other wireless terminal such as telular -- all we would need is to change the antenna port pigtail.

    The choice of antenna/amplifier depends on what carrier and hence what frequency band the carrier operates on but the basic setup is as shown.

    One example of a dualband amplifier is:
    Cables to connect yagi antenna to amplifier:

    Here are some connection drawings showing example of how you would hook up amplifier/antenna to cellular terminals and data modems:

    Let us know if this is what you have in mind or you have additional questions/clarifications.