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Question on sprint amplifiers

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  • Question on sprint amplifiers

    I have 2 questions regarding the boosters (depicted here

    1. Will they interfere with medical equipment in the building (radiology, MRI, etc.)?

    2. Is there any booster on the market that will boost 2, 3 and 4G?

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    1) No this would not interfere with MRI/ NMR imaging or X-rays etc used for radiology. Nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging use low frequencies under 100mhz in the range of 40-50Mhz (Short Wave –SW) for proton resonance and x-ray frequencies are in the range of 10^16 and above. Sprint PCS uses frequency band around 1900Mhz (1.9GHz). In any case the nature of these repeaters by design and by FCC mandate only emit radiation that is similar to what a mobile device (cellphone, datacard) would emit – they dynamically control the output power to just what is needed for reliable communication.

    2) There are currently no amplifiers/repeaters available for 4G. In the U.S the only 4G available is really WiMax. We do have high gain wimax antennas that can be used to boost 4G though. These repeaters work well for 2G and 3G. When/If you transition to 4G you would replace the antennas with those capable of transmitting at 4G frequency band of 2500-2700MHz and/or add splitter/combiner/diplexer plus a repeater for 4G if available then without completely doing away with everything you would have in place for 3G.