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Trying to find a Signal booster kit for LTE-TDD service which operates on 3500 MHz

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  • Trying to find a Signal booster kit for LTE-TDD service which operates on 3500 MHz

    Hello there;

    Firstly I wanted to say that I'm new here so apologies in case that I posted on the wrong section.

    I'm planning to buy a Signal Booster Kit for my LTE-TDD Internet Modem located in my house. I checked and I have a very poor Signal strength inside my house(RSRP<-110dB) but outside the house it's almost okay(RSRP<-75dB).

    Unfortunately, my service provider( like other service providers of my country) give their LTE-TDD service on a very rarely used frequency range, that is 3500 MHz(Band 42). Meanwhile their equipment and devices are of very poor quality in terms of signal reception. To make things worst since using 3500 MHz band for LTE-TDD is very uncommon, there aren't much equipment and devices made by foreign manufacturers that operates on this frequency range to buy.

    On the other hand, searching for signal booster kits on the internet always brings me to the equipment which doesn't work on 3500 MHz range. So I was speculating if there exists a signal booster kit that operates on 3500 MHz to use.

    I think I found the Dome Antenna part of the solution on the RfWel Store but I'm wondering if I can find other equipment (such as an amplifier, a Yagi antenna, etc) as well which also work on 3500 MHz.

    Now my questions are:
    1. Does even a Signal booster kit operating on 3500 MHz exists? If so where can I buy one?

    2. If your answer to my first question is negative can I find separate parts of it anywhere on the web?

    Thank you in advance.
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