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Cantenna CA10002 What is it?

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  • Cantenna CA10002 What is it?

    Hi all, thanks for having this forum.

    I have recently become interested in Broadband-Hamnet but I'm still very ignorant on the subject. I was Blessed a few weeks ago by finding at a flea market, this Cantenna. I can't seem to find out much on the Internet and am hoping to get some information from you folks on this forum. What can you tell me? I see that it has a MAC address and has a power in connector, but I would have expected a 10baseT connector there somewhere. Thanks, Jim

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    This is a MoCA compliant CPE so it doesn't have a 10BT connector but rather uses coaxial to compatible devices (Verizon TG790 Home Fusion Router). Here is more information on it: Here is more information on MoCa: