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Cantenna CA10002 What is it?

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  • Cantenna CA10002 What is it?

    Hi all, thanks for having this forum.

    I have recently become interested in Broadband-Hamnet but I'm still very ignorant on the subject. I was Blessed a few weeks ago by finding at a flea market, this Cantenna. I can't seem to find out much on the Internet and am hoping to get some information from you folks on this forum. What can you tell me? I see that it has a MAC address and has a power in connector, but I would have expected a 10baseT connector there somewhere. Thanks, Jim

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    This is a MoCA compliant CPE so it doesn't have a 10BT connector but rather uses coaxial to compatible devices (Verizon TG790 Home Fusion Router). Here is more information on it: Here is more information on MoCa:
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      I live in an all metal home in rural MO. I currently have a Verizon Home Fusion Broadband Cantenna wireless system. It works ok for internet access, but does not help my cell phone reception in the home. I am considering changing to an AT&T Wireless Home Phone & Internet system. It has no external antenna, which causes me concern. Is there a booster for this system? Can my external Cantenna with an ATT wireless router help


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        There is no way to boost the Cantenna separately. There is also no way to connect a direct-attach antenna to the AT&T Wireless Phone & Internet (ZTE 2700). You can boost this device with a wireless repeater/ bi-directional amplifier such as:

        The older AT&T Wireless Home Phone (WF720) has a TNC-Female external antenna port so this could be hooked up to an outdoor antenna:


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          Thank you for the info. Does AT&T make a Home Phone and Internet base station with a external antenna port, similar to the WF720?


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            The ZTE WF720 and WF721 devices are actually branded AT&T. The WF720 has a TNC-Female antenna port and the WF721 has an SMA-Male antenna port. Not sure if AT&T still sells these directly but you can probably get them online and have AT&T activate it.


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              Trying to activate a Verizon cantana that has been offline for 2 years

              Verizon technical support sent me a new SIM card telling me it went in the router. The router has no place to open it to insert a SIM card

              The Verizon store told me it's in the cantina
              so I climbed on a ladder took it down disassembled it and see no place to put a SIM card



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                The Cantenna does not support use of a Cellular SIM card (No SIM slot). The Cantenna acts as the interface between Verizon 4G LTE Network and MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) compliant devices, such as the TG790 HomeFusion Broadband Router offering fixed mobile convergence (Require SIM card designed for the TG790)
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