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Amphony A100 Amplifier Release

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  • Amphony A100 Amplifier Release


    Amphony introduces ultra-miniature audio amplifier for home audio

    BERLIN, July 29, 2008 - Amphony is unveiling its microFidelityTM series audio amplifier, Model 100 which is an ultra-small lightweight amplifier designed for home audio applications.

    “Being only the size of a pack of cigarettes, our Model 100 audio amplifier delivers 50 Watts of power and thereby offers an unprecedented power-to-size ratio,“ said Gunter Fellbaum, Marketing Director at Amphony.

    “The small size of our Model 100 amplifier is due to the high power efficiency and allows the amplifier to be placed virtually anywhere. The amplifier can be switched to drive either two speakers at a maximum power of 20 Watts per speaker or a single speaker as a monoblock amplifier at up to 50 Watts. Our Model 100 achieves a 115 dB signal-to-noise ratio, a total harmonic distortion of only 0.05 % and a frequency response of 1 Hz to 75 kHz. At an idle power consumption of less than 2 Watts, the amplifier does not need ventilation and is environmentally friendly.“

    The microFidelityTM series audio amplifier, Model 100 is primarily designed for high-fidelity home-audio, studio-monitor and home-theater applications and has a target street price of $69.

    Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Amphony is a startup technology company that has become the leading provider of digital wireless headphones and audio transmitter products. Amphony specializes in the development of electronic products and technologies and is serving the consumer as well as the OEM market. In the U.S., Amphony products are sold by Amphony Corp., an affiliated Amphony company.

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