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Flic Scanner Vs ROV Scanner

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  • Flic Scanner Vs ROV Scanner

    Just out of curiosity what is the difference between the Flic scanner and the ROV scanner? I could only find the ROV scanner available for purchase and not the Flic scanner.

    Thank you!

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    Flic Scanner Vs ROV Scanner

    The Flic scanner is an older version of what is now sold by Microvision. The ROV scanner is an upgraded scanner with many more features added to it like serial or bluetooth connectivity. The ROV scanner also supports much more operating systems including Windows PC, Mobile, Symbian, Palm and Blackberry. The memory of the ROV scanner is larger as well, supporting about 4000 UPC-A barcodes, rather then Flic which supported approximately 500. Over all the features of the ROV scanner are upgraded, to provide a more reliable solution.

    To see the full data sheet of the ROV scanner please click here

    For additional information regarding the ROV scanner please visit our product page here