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  • Extra Features?

    Is there a gadget or a convertor that can convert IR (infra-Red) signal to Bluetooth. Is it possible to add an IR feature into a Smartphone that does not have IR?

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    I think there's some confusion here: The I-tech virtual laser keyboard connects to the smartphone, laptop or desktop using Bluetooth NOT Infrared. If your laptop or desktop does not have bluetooth then you can use either the serial version or use a Bluetooth USB adapter to enable the PC to have Bluetooth capability. Here is a combo for the laser keyboard and BT USB dongle:

    Now if you really do need an Infrared to Bluetooth converter we do have that as well. This is available here: Note that this allows a smartphone or other device that has Bluetooth capability to connect to an IR device. Note also this uses Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) vs IRDA (Infrared Device Association) profile so that must be supported in your Bluetooth device.