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PCMCIA to USB converter with the PC5750

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  • PCMCIA to USB converter with the PC5750

    I was just informed that I will be getting a small palm-top computer for Christmas. It only has USB ports (no PC card or ExpressCard). So I will probably go with the PC card to USB converter so I can use my PC5750 data card with both.

    Question: The specs for the USB adapter mentions the Verizon PC5740 card, but not the latest Verizon PC5750 card. Will it work? And, one computer uses Vista, the other Linux. Are there drivers I need to download for both?

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    Not sure on the PC5750. If it works with XP at all then most likely it will with Vista. Linux on the other hand is not supported by many of these protocol converters at least to the best of my knowledge. The PC5740 requires additional drivers so I would suggest if the PC5750 does not work natively to try the instructions as detailed below:

    The PC5740, PC5220 and PX500 cards may be labeled with 'Audiovox' or 'UTStar'. If you are going to be using one of these cards, please download the latest drivers. (Download this file, and replace the previous version in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS directory.)

    In any case rfwel's e-store offers a 30 day refund period and does not charge restocking fees.