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Does PC Card to Express Card Converter works with Sony Vaio FZ240E/B

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  • Does PC Card to Express Card Converter works with Sony Vaio FZ240E/B

    I've PC Card from T-Mobile and I bought a new SONY Vaio FZ240E/B notebook. The notebook doesn't have PC card slot. I am looking for a converter. I am just wondering whether PC Card to Express card converter (DuelAdapter) from Dual-systems works or not ?

    By the way, the PC card is Sony Ericsson GC89. If this doesn't work, please let me know is there some other adapter/converter I can use.

    I really appreciate if someone can help me

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    Sony GC89 adapters

    Unfortunately there are no adapters that will work with this card. There aren't even any Cellular routers that will work with this card.

    T-Mobile's data card service is very slow in comparison to other carriers like Sprint. If you could put that card into an adapter or a router it would throttle the speeds down even more. We have had a lot of people call in and ask this very question and the only thing I can suggest to them is to go with another data service like sprint or Alltel. With Sprint you are looking at getting speeds right up there with DSL Here are some links to what we have to offer as far as data devices and services are concerned:


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      Well, that sinks that ship

      I have an Sony/Erricson GC89 and it looks like I am sunk, too. New laptops don't have PC-CARD slot. Sigh.


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        T-Mobile finally will have a 3G UMTS/HSDPA Service?

        I love T-Mobile personally. Have been with them since they were Voicestream but when it came to Laptop data cards it just didn't make sense to pay for sub 200kbps service when i could get 5x that with Sprint or AT&T. True T-Mobiles EDGE network has a nice nationwide footprint but so does 1xRTT for Sprint, VZW with the added advantage of getting 1Mbps+ EVDO in major cities using the same datacard.

        Don't despair though ...they are finally upgrading to WCDMA on their towers and will roll out UMTS/HSDPA service pretty soon first to handsets and hopefully soon thereafter to data cards.


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          Could you get unlocked EDGE card & use your T-Mobile SIM?

          One guy actually reminded me of another option which is to purchase an unlocked EDGE compatible Express or USB card from another manufacturer (and we do sell these) and use your T-Mobile SIM on it. Theoretically this should work. Problem though is that these cards are not cheap when you are not activating new service with a carrier. We haven't tried this but we do have T-Mobile SIM cards with EDGE service enabled and unlocked Sierra 87U & USBConnect 881's so we will try this as soon as we get a chance.