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PC to Expresscard adapter for Toshiba Satellite series

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  • PC to Expresscard adapter for Toshiba Satellite series

    Are there any known PCMCIA Card to Express Card converters or adaptors for the Toshiba Satellite series? I've having a hard time finding something that says it is compatible. I use a Sierra Wireless Aircard 875.

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    Although probably not the greatest workaround try a PCMCIA to USB converter. At these prices however, most people just add a little more to their budget and get a cellular router such as the MB6000. There are several advantages of getting the mobile router and the one disadvantage is mobility i.e if you need something very portable and not requiring any independent power supplies. Remember also that Express slots are here to stay and in the coming years OEM's will gradually face out PC Card devices so an adapter is merely a temporary fix. In fact in many cases upgrading the PC Card data modem entirely to an Express card modem is not that much more expensive (we are not big fans of USB data modems although devices such as the Novatel U720 seem to work just fine in most applications). You can check out different form factors for data modems here: