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Wireless tstat Fan On drops Off

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  • Wireless tstat Fan On drops Off

    Using your wireless receiver to control a standard Bryant heat and cool forced air furnace. While the "fan" on function is set on, the furnace fan will shut off ( the green light on the receiver goes off also)and then after a few minutes the fan will start back up on its own (green light back on). This may not happen for days at a time. I just purchased this unit a month ago. Any ideas as to the problem???

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    Haven’t seen such a failure. Did you previously have a thermostat with this before you got the wireless system and do you know if the fan feature on that worked as expected. With the “Fan On” set the thermostat really does not update the command to the receiver unless this is disabled on the tstat. Now you could have RF Wireless interference but most likely if this were the case it would manifest itself in other ways too. All the same you might try to change the house code in p4

    If you have access to a voltmeter/multimeter please let me know what the voltage between G and R is when the fan is working normally and when it turns off on its own.


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      I have been waiting to catch the blower shutting down on its own, but it has not happened as we run the blower less in the cooler fall weather.
      In response to your question, last winter the unit ran with a mechanical Robertshaw thermostat and it did not drop off.
      The voltage between the R and G terminals is as follows:
      "fan on" function is turned off measures 27.50 volts
      "fan on" function turned on measures .799 volts
      "fan on" function turned on have to wait for next shut down