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Using multiple wireless thermostats with one hvac unit

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  • Using multiple wireless thermostats with one hvac unit

    I recently ordered this wireless thermostat and receiver combo: I also ordered a second wireless thermostat. My plan was to keep one remote upstairs and one remote downstairs. When I placed my order the order taker said this would work well. But I am not convinced this product will work with two remotes. The remotes do not seem to coordinate with each other and I am not sure they both can work. The electrician and HVAC guy were not sure it would be a good idea to have two remotes.

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    Yes this works for sure. One important point, however, is to understand how exactly this works which is not completely intuitive. Contrary to what you might immediately think this does not average the temperature upstairs and downstairs and command the HVAC to be at that temperature or somehow resolve even conflicting programmed commands from the two unit. Instead, the HVAC unit responds to one wireless thermostat at a time and takes the command from the last device that was manipulated (i.e the last thermostat that was modified). Also make sure the tstats have different IDís otherwise you would see erratic behavior.

    Here is a description from the product page here:

    If more than one transmitter is used with a single receiver, the transmitters must be given different Unit ID Numbers. Only the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 may have a programmed schedule or be configured. All configuration parameters are taken from the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1. Transmitters with Unit ID Numbers 2, 3, and 4 cannot be programmed or configured (except for set points).

    When more than one transmitter is used, the receiver will only accept commands
    from the transmitter that was last used (button pressed)
    . All other set points and modes from other transmitters are ignored. If the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 has a schedule and is in Program On mode, the receiver will revert back to following the programmed schedule when a time period change occurs, even if the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 is not the current commanding transmitter.

    If this is not the functionality that you were looking for just let us know and our sales team will send you instructions on how to get that extra transmitter to us for a refund.