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Wireless Tstat deadband

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  • Wireless Tstat deadband

    We have two of the Totaline t'stats installed in a church which we purchased from your company. They have worked quite well in the summer during the AC season. Now that the heating season is upon us we believe we need to do something to improve what I call the "differential" in th heat on and off
    temperatures. We have the set point at 69^, the heat comes on at 67^ and goes off at 72^. This is a little cool and a little warm. We have set the
    "db" and "dif" on page 13 at 1 and this made no difference, as expected. Is there a way to decrease the "differential" ? We would appreciate any
    advice and or help you can give us. These t'stats have certainly solved the12^ differential that we had with the old system.


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    Yes the only way to change the temperature hysteresis feature (deadband
    control) is using the setting on page 13.

    A few things to note:
    -- this ONLY works for the thermostat with Unit ID1 if you have more than
    one Tstat controlling the same hvac units.
    -- also how have you wired your receiver to the hvac unit? Are you jumping
    W1 and W2 to where you are turning on 2nd stage heating even when you don't
    need to. For 2nd stage heating the deaband is 2deg plus the 1st stage
    deadband and this 2nd stage deadband of 2 degrees is not adjustable.
    -- you can make the dif=0