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Totaline wireless thermostat issues

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  • Totaline wireless thermostat issues

    My receiver for this wireless system has no power light. I took off the front cover and only saw the circuit board with a wire for the ant. I reset all the house breakers but no luck. Is it just that the receiver is toast or is there a way to reset the receiver? Live in Phoenix...108 today...need that AC!!

    Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated...


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    I feel you we're in AZ too hence this late night response ...

    Is this the initial setup or has it been working before. If this is the initial setup how many wires do u have to interface the hvac unit? If 2 wires do u have a 2 wire kit? (2 wire kit is relay and 24vac xfmr).

    If it has been working and quit on u the most likely its toast. If u have access to a voltmeter pls tell me the voltage between R and C or R and W. Also pls disconnect R and reconnect and see if the power LED kicks on.


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      This is a 2 year old unit that was working fine. I will test the voltages in the AM since I can't find my v/ohm meter...I'll make a run to the Lowes.