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Replacing Braeburn 5200 with wireless thermostat

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  • Replacing Braeburn 5200 with wireless thermostat

    I purchased a Totaline RF remote thermostat. I am having problems getting the right wires aligned to the correct terminals in your thermostat. My problem is that on my old Braeburn 5200 programmable the black wire was landed on the "E" terminal and the orange wire on the "O" terminal. On the new Totaline there is one terminal that states O/B/ another color I don't recall. So what do I do with the orange wire and the black wire? I do not have a heat pump. I have an electric air handler with electric heat. I have been able to land the white, yellow, common (cyan), green, and red in what appear to be the right places. I can get the air handler fan to run but not the AC.

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    Sorry to hear you are having issues.

    Referencing the install manual here:

    1) Do you the correct DIP switch settings for the type of system that you have? See page 6 of the manual? Since you have Electric Heat then the ďEHĒ switch to ON and all the rest off.

    2) Did you previously have any jumpers between any two connections? If you did you will need to make sure you have the same jumpers in the equivalent connections below

    See the connection diagram below. I have shown how the Braeburn 5200 should have been connected and how those wires should be connected to the totaline thermostat. If any of those wires were missing in the Braeburn 5200 then they donít need to be connected on the totaline.

    You can reference the Braeburn 5200 manual here:

    Since you say your system is not a Heatpump you donít even need to connect the O and B terminal.
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