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Instalation help - Honeywell wireless

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  • Instalation help - Honeywell wireless

    I have a wireless thermostat - YTH6320R1001 - and need help installing it...have no idea what I'm doing. Had some help but there were not able to get it working either.

    Current setup -
    Honeywell electronic aquastst (L7224/L7248)
    Basler elect (class 2 XFMR transformer). Two terminals/ red and white wires only.
    Taco zone valve (white wire on #2, red on # 3, #1 not used
    (new) Honeywell YTH6320R1001 wireless.

    ((The sunroom had a very old thermostat that was just hooked up the red and white wires to the Taco valve))

    Any guidance wiring this properly would be greatly appreciated.

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    sorry hadn't seen that no one had jumped on this .... if you only have two wires then you one way you can do this is to use a relay for correct operation with this HoneyWell Wireless Tstat (and also for the Totaline/venstar Tstat). There might be other methods to resolve this as well.

    Here is the installation manual on how to Wire the Equipment Interface Module (EIM) to your HVAC equipment:

    The L7224A,C and L7248A,C,L Oil Electronic Aquastat® Controllers requires 120VAC so the tranformer is bringing this down to 24VAC.

    You will need an independent 24VAC tranformer to utilize the relay. One output of this transformer will go to the "R" terminal of the EIM and the other will go to the "C" terminal of the EIM and to one of the terminals of the relay. The other end of the relay needs to hook up to W O/B. Finally the two remaining outputs of the relay connect to the two wires you have (red and white).

    Here is an example of how this would look: Notice that this is a setup for the totaline/ venstar wireless thermostats with a 2-wire system but the concept is the same.


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      Here is a link to a 24VAC relay and powersupply to hook up a wireless thermostat receiver to a 2-wire HVAC interface: