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Retrofitting PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 into existing MHK1 system

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  • Retrofitting PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 into existing MHK1 system

    Hi. This is a great forum as you guys here are way more familiar with Mitsubishi VRF controls than any of my HVAC contractors!

    We have 9 zones of Mitsubishi City Multi S-Series units equipped with the MHK1 thermostats and MIFH1 receivers. These are pretty unfriendly units to program and manage, but have decent displays. I have a set of redlink gateways that enable cloud based control, but you can't change the schedules with these units remotely.

    I was thinking about retrofitting each indoor unit with PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 Kumo adapters, and plugging the M1FH1 into the extra CN105 input connector on the PAC-USWHS002-WF-2 unit. This would enable Kumo controls to program the units, but leave the existing MHK1 units in each room so you have some manual control. I think this is supported from what I have read. The indoor unit will take the most recent command, either from Kumo or from the MHK1.

    If I have no program running on the MHK1, would it be the case that I could initiate a manual change from the MHK1 that would reset the target temp? Would the MHK1's room temp sensor be passed through to the indoor unit, or would I still need a Kumo remote sensor for each room?

    What I really would like would be to use Nest thermostats but using a software interface that would provide room temperature and target temp and mode to the indoor units, and not the dumbed down 2H/2C controls the thermostat supports. But using kumo to set programs and have an in room manual control would be a lot better than the MHK1's by themselves I think.