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Trane ComfortLink II XL850 Wi-Fi Thermostat

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  • Trane ComfortLink II XL850 Wi-Fi Thermostat

    I have Trane 2 stage cooling system that previously used model TCONT824AS52DB (XL824) thermostat ( Is the ComfortLink II XL850 compatible with my system?

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    Yes, the Trane ComfortLink II XL850 Wi-Fi Thermostat is compatible with your system. The XL850 thermostat replaces the XL824 model (TCONT824AS52DB) which is discontinued. Similarly, Trane’s communicating thermostats (ComfortLink II XL1050, ComfortLink II XL950 and ComfortLink II XL850) that superseded the XL824 Programmable Thermostat are largely compatible with systems supported by the XL824 thermostat. These thermostats are 7-day programmable and support up to 5 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling just like the XL824 model. The notable difference between the XL824 thermostat and ComfortLink II models (XL1050, XL950 & XL850) is compatibility with communicating and variable speed systems. The ComfortLink II models are compatible with communicating and variable speed systems whereas the XL824 is not.
    The XL850 can also be ordered through Amazon and Walmart.


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      I have the Trane XL1050 and i wanted some sort of sensor that i can put outside my kid's room before the summer heat rolls in. I'm hoping that there is a way to have the XL1050 respond to the temperature at the remote thermostat instead of the temperature where it is mounted (it is currently mounted down the hallway which makes my son's room very hot in the summer). Also wondering if there is also an option to have a second thermostat in a different corridor and have the thermostat average the temperatures. Finally would be nice if there was a wireless sensor so we don't need to do any wiring although that's not an absolute requirement.
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        The Trane ConfortLink II XL1050 works with sensors to monitor and optimize humidity and temperature at the desired locations in your home. The sensors used by the XL1050 thermostat include; ZZSENSAL400 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor, ZSENS930 temperature and Humidity Sensor and TZONE940 Wired Touchscreen Thermostat/Zone Sensor.

        Different areas or zones in your home are monitored by a sensor in constant communication with the ComfortLink II thermostat.
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        The ZZSENSAL400 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor monitors temperature within a specific zone, while only allowing temperature adjustments at the Communicating system control. This is ideal for a kid’s room.

        TZONE940 acts both as a sensor and a thermostat which lets you monitor and adjust the temperature in one specific zone. This can further share data with the XL1050 thermostat (master zone control) ensuring consistent, even comfort in each zone.

        In place of the XL1050 on-board sensor, the ZSENS930 (ZSENS930AW00MA) wireless temperature and humidity sensor can be used to remotely sense temperature and humidity. This may as well be used to sense and display temperature and humidity on the Nexia smart home portal and mobile app. A zone panel such as the ZZONEPNLAC52ZB is used to monitor up to 4 zones whereas the ZZONEEXPAC52ZB Zone Expander expands the maximum number of zones per system to eight.
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