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Trane TCONT302AS42DA Programmable Air Circulation Functionality

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  • Trane TCONT302AS42DA Programmable Air Circulation Functionality

    Does Trane TCONT302AS42DA Programmable Thermostat ( have a "circulation" function-periodically circulating the air even when neither heating or cooling is called for? I read the information online, this unit does not have Wi-Fi capability? Is this true?

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    Yes, Trane TCONT302AS42DA Programmable Thermostat has "circulation" function.

    This thermostat has ON, Auto and Circulation fan Modes.

    Auto Mode

    This mode runs the fan only when the heating or cooling system is operating. This is the most commonly utilized mode.

    ON Mode

    Selecting this mode ensures the fan continuously runs for increased air circulation. This also allows additional air-cleaning if the system is equipped with an electronic air cleaner.

    Circulation Mode

    This is activated by pressing FAN until FAN Prog appears activating the Comfort Circulating Fan Option. In this mode, the thermostat cycles the fan ON for 10 minutes and OFF for 20 minutes if the thermostat has not called for heat or cool during the past one hour. In this mode, there is moderate air circulation even when the heating and cooling equipment is not cycling.

    This unit indeed does not have Wi-Fi capability. Click on this link to view Trane Wi-Fi thermostats.

    For confirmation on compatibility, please contact our HVAC experts
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