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Mitsubishi Electric MCCH1 Timer Settings

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  • Mitsubishi Electric MCCH1 Timer Settings

    I have a wireless Mitsubishi Electric MCCH1 Central Controller ( and wireless receiver MIFH1 ( for AC. It will only allow AC for 2 plus hours. I tried still doing setting but it is still 2 hours. Could be clock setting that needs to be set each time but it is not working out. Please help!
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    First, you need to make sure that MCCH1's clock is set correctly to your current time. Confirm if there is a timer set or any programming start/stop time.

    To remove the schedule proceed as follows:

    1. Press fan and up button at the same time for 5 seconds. You will now be able to go to the settings to make the changes

    2. Change setting 138 to 1 to make the control non-programmable

    3. Also, make sure you change setting 136 to 0

    Once you make these changes via the thermostat, it will not be on the program/schedule.

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