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Remote control and video monitoring of my garage/store door?

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  • Remote control and video monitoring of my garage/store door?

    Is there a way I can monitor and control my garage or store door from web or phone? I would wish to do this especially via my phone.

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    This needs an interface to connect the manual garage or store door opener control to the internet. The interface will have wireless connectivity to a wireless router or gateway.

    Take an example of the Edimax Wi-Fi Cloud controller. It uses Wi-Fi 802.11 to connect to a Wi-Fi router (has LAN option, but this will need an ethernet cable run to the router/gateway). It will enable a user to remotely control a garage/store door, as well as do video surveillance.

    Edimax remote system controller

    The wireless interface also has flexible storage options for video recordings to the cloud or local storage.

    The Wi-Fi coverage needs to be strong to avoid blind spots for the wireless interface to connect seamlessly and have uninterrupted connection to the internet. Check out some Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi antennas for Wi-Fi coverage improvement in case of blind spots.

    Feel free to contact an RFWEL specialist on more remote control system options and any other remote control project you may have.
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