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Wireless Remote Cameras using Mobile Routers

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  • Wireless Remote Cameras using Mobile Routers

    Peek these all u wise peeps. Thinking of an app where I can monitor a camera remotely (don't ask why ;) using Sprint powervision internet. Need to connect multiple cameras (for now just 2) to a 3G mobile router e.g KR1, ZTE Bavo H110, Linksys etc and stream the video remotely over the internet to my apartment where I can record it for future viewing. Thinking of an outdoor camera such as this one: although it might make sense to do an IP camera such as the ones these guys have here: . So does this sound crazy or what ... can it work?

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    EVDO for remote cameras

    While these application is pretty cool and definitely doable you go realize it violates the data plan aggreement from the carrier ... just make sure you are not doing it for any commercial gain ;-)