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  • Sling Link Adapter?

    I have a question about the "Slinglink Internet Adapter"? I want to know if it's compatible with Apple's "AirPort Extreme Base Station"? I'm interested in receiving information and programing over DSL via a satellite "Dish TV" receiver and find the "Slinglink Internet Adapter" an interesting alternative to running new cat5e wiring in the business and home situations. If any one can help me that would be great.

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    Answer to slinglink question

    The Slinglink should work fine with your AirPort Extreme. The Slinglink is an Ethernet over Powerline adapter as long as you have an open LAN port on your router. Plug one SlingLink into the wall power outlet near your router, and plug in the other SlingLink wherever you want internet. Although this device is designed to used with the Slingbox, it should work.

    We do have other Ethernet Over Powerline adapters you can use for this solution as well. Check out this link for other options:
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