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  • Remote monitoring

    interested in monitoring my work from home. any ideas would be most appreciated. not sure if this is the right forum but it came up on google when i searched.

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    Remote monitoring of Cameras & Networks

    Not sure if you are trying to monitor cameras remotely or just trying to monitor a work computer from home. In either case for both solutions our recommended solution is to use VNC for remote desktop and use VPN to ensure that you have a secure tunnel between the remote network and the local network.

    To setup VNC you can download the freely available software from and you would have to configure a virtual server in your router at home to open the VNC port (usually 5900) and redirect it to the ipaddress of the computer(s) that you want to monitor. You can get more info at

    To view cameras remotely you can connect directly to the camera port (involves opening the port that is used by the camera in both your software firewall and SPI firewall in the router and directing the router to forward traffic to that port to the IP address of the ip camera or DVR connected to the camera). A better way is to enable VNC as above and just connect to the DVR or the camera as you normally would if you were sitting at the computer connected to the network where the ip camera or ip DVR is located.

    Not sure if all this made sense --- makes sense to me