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Need remote for MS-A09WA and MSY-A15NA

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  • Need remote for MS-A09WA and MSY-A15NA

    Hey support. I'm looking for a remote for the above and notice that the KM06C is no longer available. I talked to a tech there and they said they did not yet have an alternative for this. However, when i look at your mitsubishi remotes page here i notice that KM07L seems to support the same indoor units as KM06C (E12A49426) with the difference of the "-1" are these backwards compatible (see picture)? Also i have another question i would want to get the KM07L (E12C30426) from Amazon but noticed that the Amazon price ( is higher than the price on your website ( any chance i can get it at the same price if it will work for me.
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    The "-1" in the model number of the indoor units supported by KM07L (E12C30426) remote controller indicates a technical upgrade to the models supported by KM06C (E12A49426) i.e. MS-A09WA, MS-A12WA, MSY-A15NA, and MSY-A17NA. The technical change in models MS-A09WA-1, MS-A12WA-1, MS-A15WA-1, MS-A17WA-1, MSY-A15NA-1, and MSY-A17NA-1 includes a change of the signal remote controller by addition of temperature indication function and timer indication. Due to this, the remote part number was changed to support the new models with "-1".
    The price for the replacement remote controller in Amazon has been reduced and better than our e-Store.


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      Here is the change notice Tim is referring to for MS-A09WA

      Click image for larger version  Name:	km06c-km07l.png Views:	0 Size:	36.0 KB ID:	2551