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Fujitsu ASU9RLF1 with Nest

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  • Fujitsu ASU9RLF1 with Nest

    I have a few Fuji ASU9RLF1 mini splits in my house and I’d like to add a Nest thermostat to each. As a test I added the UTY-TFSXZ2 WiFi adapter with the UTY-XCBXZ2 interface board on one. It works fine but really isn’t what I’m looking for.

    From my research I need a UTY-XCBXZ2 - UTY-XWNX - UTY-TTRX- Nest w/transformer. I have all the parts with the exception of the UTY-XWNX Communication Kit.

    I’ve never been able to find one in stock anywhere. I'm not sure if I need UTY-XWNX or if a UTY-WIFI would also work, not that I can find that in stock.
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