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Samsung Wi-Fi Adapters.

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  • Samsung Wi-Fi Adapters.

    I have a Samsung MWR-SH11UN wired remote controller for my air conditioning system. I want a WiFi or smart home app enabled controller, is there a WiFi adapter or a way I can do to get a smart home?
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    Yes, there are several Samsung WI-FI Adapters that allow for remote control and monitoring. They include the MIM-H03U and MIM-H04UN Wi-Fi adapters.
    MIM-H03U adapter allows remote control of Samsung FJM indoor units whereas MIM-H04UN Wi-Fi adapter for remote control and monitoring of Samsung DVM S indoor units, single-zone CAC systems, and FJM systems with Slim Duct, cassette, and/or console units.

    Both of these adapters are connected to a mobile device (Android or iOS) via the SmartThings app available on Google Play or Apple store.