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Free Training at Tempe, AZ Public Library by RfWeL

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  • Free Training at Tempe, AZ Public Library by RfWeL

    We are providing a free basic wireless networking training. It's being sponsored and held at the Tempe, AZ Public Library. For directions to the library you can give us a call at 480.218.1877 or email us at [email protected]. Here is a link to the library for the address:

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    topics to be discussed?

    What are you going to talk about at the library... when is this training and are you going to talk about cellular amplification and how to boost your signal.. sorry am not that techy but i need to know what to do about extending signal coverage


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      Topics at training

      We will mostly talking about setting up your wifi. Securing your wifi, why it's important to set up security. The training isn't really on cellular but if questions come up we will be more then happy to answer them. The training will be on December 5th at 7pm.


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        WiFi & Mobile Cellular Router Training (Tempe, Arizona)

        Due to popular demand we are rewritting the training to cover mobile cellular routers. Since these have 2 sides to them namely the WiFi side and the Cellular side we will spend a little time on each. So yes when talking about the cellular side we will include options to enhance the cellular received signal strength and transmit power using cellular repeaters/amplifiers and high gain antennas. On the WiFi side we will focus on range extension (and WiFi range extension is much cheaper than cellular range extension) as well as WiFi security. Topic outline is not set in stone so any recommendations are welcome.