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Indoor Small Cell private CBRS or traditional DAS system?

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  • Brian
    Yes, that is possible.

    Small cell network and distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions enable mobile or private network operators to increase network capacity and extend service coverage.

    While the traditional DAS system does not require a separate backhaul, the small cell network device need to be connected to a wired backhaul, like in your case the fiber backhaul (with appropriate PON unit with an ethernet port. Most small cell devices have ethernet WAN port for internet connectivity).

    ​Indoor Small Cell

    ​Outdoor Small Cell

    Indoor DAS System

    You can check this sample indoor small cell CBRS device Askey SFE3160S CBSD, which functions more or less like the Verizon’s network extenders for LTE coverage extension/improvement.

    With 5G NR gaining traction small devices are going to be key in cellular coverages.

    Read more on small cell here.

    Contact an RfWel wireless specialist to find out more link analysis/budgeting for small cell designs. Our range of wireless solutions includes, but not limited to, antennas, amplifiers, filters, splitters, private LTE solutions, and IoT solutions.

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  • Indoor Small Cell private CBRS or traditional DAS system?

    If I have fiber connectivity to our premise, is it possible to hook up small cell CBRS to my wired connection to create a small footprint of the wireless network?