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Peplink Launches Enterprise Grade 3G Load Balancing Router

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  • Peplink Launches Enterprise Grade 3G Load Balancing Router

    Peplink has launched an Enterprise Grade 3G Load Balancing MultiWAN Router, a New Product that Brings Market-Leading Internet Load Balancing and Failover Technology to Mobility Applications.

    The following is a brief excerpt of the Press Release that accompined the launch of the product:

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, April 1st -- Peplink, the pioneer in Internet link balancing and failover solutions, today announces the release of its Balance 20W mobile load balancing router. Peplink's innovative new product gives Internet reliability to mobile and remote locations where it is not currently possible.

    Reliable Internet at Any Location
    Peplink Balance multi-WAN routers allow users to easily combine multiple Internet services from different providers. However, not all locations have multiple landline providers available. The Balance 20W has overcome this challenge by utilizing a high-speed 3G Internet service as a second WAN connection, giving users increased speed by load balancing and obtaining Internet reliability in locations previously not possible.

    "3G is readily available and it has become the best secondary connection for business and mobile users who demand higher bandwidth and higher Internet reliability," said Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink. "For users who have already subscribed to an existing 3G service plan, the Balance 20W allows them to utilize the service when they are not traveling. Mobile professionals in remote branch offices as well as transportation and marine industries can simply add an additional 3G service along with their current VSAT connection for load balancing and failover."

    Peplink's Balance 20W mobile load balancing router provides the Internet reliability you need no matter where you work - at home, in the office, or even on a yacht. With the proliferation of cloud computing, customers are increasingly moving their enterprise applications to the Internet, making constant access to cloud services vital. The increased Internet reliability achieved by Peplink lets customers connect to their cloud services any time, and anywhere, with absolute confidence.

    To purchase the Peplink Balance 20W please click here to visit our online store.