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Peplink Releases New Balance Firmware 4.7.0

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  • Peplink Releases New Balance Firmware 4.7.0

    We are pleased to announce the release of Firmware 4.7.0 for Peplink B210/310 and B380/390/700/710. These are major firmware updates and they include the improvements on Site-to-Site VPN.

    Changes of Peplink Balance Firmware v4.7.0 RC since v4.6 series include:

    o Enhanced Site-to-Site VPN throughput, failover speed and stability.
    o Added "Advertise Speed" option for each LAN and WAN interface. This improved port speed negotiation with some networking devices.

    Important Notes - Please Read Carefully before Upgrading!

    Peplink Balance devices with different firmware versions 4.6 and 4.7 are not compatible and they cannot be used in the same Site-to-Site VPN network.

    Backup, backup, backup...
    As always, please remember to back up your existing configuration file in case you need to roll back to your existing firmware.


    Balance 210/310

    Balance 380/390/700/710:
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