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How can I create my private CBRS network?

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  • How can I create my private CBRS network?

    What do I need for a private LTE network? Can it supplement a WISP legacy 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks?

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    Depending on the coverage you are targeting, you could use higher power (CBSD cat B) or lower power (CBSD cat A) CBRS base stations. CBSD cat B radios need to be installed by certified installers (CPIs). Read more on CBRS architecture here.
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    With any IP-based backhaul or bridge PtPs to carry traffic to the internet, you can set up a CBRS network easily with a subscription from a SAS provider to manage frequency usage by CBSDs.
    Check this sample CBRS starter kit and other CBSD devices that you could build from and increase your network according to the number of users.
    Depending on the embedded EPC package, you could cover 100 to more than 5000 users on your network.

    CBRS has some advantages over Wi-Fi:
    • CBRS system is organized to be non-interfering, all transmissions are scheduled.
    • In CBRS, a high-density client is possible as idle user equipment can be offloaded to EPC until it is scheduled for transmission, unlike in Wi-Fi where the BS/Access point must maintain active associations for every client.
    • Coverage distance for CBRS can be broader than Wi-Fi as the design can allow edge devices a receiver sensitivity of typically -105 dBm (RSRP)
    • Handover or roaming in CBRS is more reliable than in Wi-Fi.

    Please contact an Rfwel CBRS Certified Professional Installer to know how to utilize CBRS in your greenfield Fixed WIreless Access project.