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ZTE Bavo PBX functions

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  • ZTE Bavo PBX functions

    I'm thinking of getting the ZTE mobie routers since it seems to have a crapload of features compared to other routers. My application is for an RV - I'm retired and travel accross the country and run my business from my RV. We usually go to events and setup RV as command center and need to communicate to a team of 6-8 employees in the fair grounds.

    Was interested in using the ZTE to have extensions that we could use and was wondering if those can be routed through the internet automatically. I.e can the 2 ZTE's talk to each other. Also noticed that you guys have lots of cool information and products for cellular repeaters and antennas and just need a cheap way to make my RV futuristic but not break the bank and also solve my problems.