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USB as a WAN connection??

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  • USB as a WAN connection??

    Can the USB port be used for WAN backhaul through a phone with USB output or perhaps a USB EVDO modem such as the U720? If so any data on the speed penalty would be appreciated.

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    RE: USB as a WAN connection..

    The current version of the device does not support USB as a WAN port. The engineers are aware of a need to support USB EVDO modem or USB Phone with EVDO modem. We need to find out if this functionality has made it to the roadmap yet or not.


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      USB EV-DO Modem (Eg Franklin, Novatel U720) for ZTE WAN Backhaul

      This is good question actually. One thing you can do if you want to use a U720 USB EV-DO modem with the ZTE is get a USB 2.0 to Ethernet converter which costs well under $30 and should be available at (contact an RfWeL Wireless Sales Specialist if you cannot find it). Then use this at the Ethernet uplink RJ45 port. The question though would be what the datarate hit would be if any and if this can work at all. I'll try it out when i get a chance but if someone has done this do let us know.