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  • Supported cards??

    Has a list of officially supported EV-DO aircard and/or carrier net works?

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    RE: Supported cards..

    Should be available over the next week or two.


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      Future EvDO cards?

      Does this router have provisions for field firmware upgrade for compatibility with other future aircards and EVDO RevA network?


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        RE: Future EvDO cards.

        Yes. ZTE can remotely upgrade complete software image with a new one that supports other EVDO technology cards if needed.
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          Unofficial List of supported cards

          Here is what we know works based on our tests and what has been reported to us. Note that this is not an official list of supported aircards and many more might be supported although at this time we don't have that information:

          Kyocera PC650 (Alltel)
          Novatel Merlin S620 (Sprint)
          Sierra AC580 (Sprint)
          Novatel Merlin S720 (Sprint) -- haven't verified RevA speeds

          HUAWEI EC500: CDMA 1x 450M EVDO PCMCIA
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            Originally posted by thuor View Post
            Here is what we know works based on our tests and what has been reported to us. Note that this is not an official list of supported aircards:

            Kyocera PC650 (Alltel)
            Novatel Merlin 620 (Sprint)
            Sierra 580 (Sprint)
            Novatel Merlin 720 (Sprint) -- haven't verified RevA speeds
            I've been using it with a S720 and have acheived RevA speed uploads of 338 kbps.


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              I tried the ZTE My39 Card and is not even detected, opened a case @ ZTE Corp. however after an initial reply from them asking for some snapshots, which were sent, no further contact. Funny thing is that ZTE Corp is the manufacturer of both pieces of hardware the ZTE BAVO and the ZTE My39 EVDO Card.


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                ZTE MY39 Wireless EVDO PC card w/ ZTE BAVO

                True that if any EVDO card should be supported it should be this.

                Are you using this with Telus in Canada? Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to play with that card as none of our major EVDO carriers (Alltel, Sprint, Verizon) uses that.

                One question - are you sure that you are getting EVDO coverage or the slower 1xRTT coverage in your area. One thing we found out is that the ZTE Bavo only supports EVDO which has been frustrating for our customers in remote markets. Also what model Hxxx are you using?


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                  Hi, this post is very informative; however I would like some specific information. If someone can help me then please send me a private message. Best Regards,
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                    ZTE My39


                    I got EVDO Coverage and full 4 bars, it is not detected. BTW when I plug the My39 Card on my laptop it flies...

                    I am using the EVDO service in Angola though the carrier is Movicel.


                    Eagle [email protected]


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                      ZTE My39 w/ 1xEVDO

                      I see Angola's Movicel has CDMA2000 1xEVDO so not sure what's going on with this ZTE card. Let me look into it and post a response later.