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Failover featurers of the ZTE??

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  • Failover featurers of the ZTE??

    Does the H110 allow seemless failover of Ethernet onto 3G (EDGE/HSDPA)? Has to internally maintain both connections and detect loss of signal on one WAN source.

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    Answer to failover features question.

    In the current version of H110 the failover from Ethernet to 3G card is seamless provided the Ethernet signal on WAN uplink port ceases i.e either the modem to which it is connected, loses power or if some one removes the Ethernet cable. If modem (cable or DSL modem) connected to Ethernet WAN uplink port keeps running but is not connected to Internet, the failover cannot happen. The failover is seamless from 3G card to Ethernet if the Ethernet signal is restored on the WAN Uplink port. In that case the device will hang up on the 3G card and make the default route through Ethernet uplink.

    ZTE engineers are working on a fully seamless failover feature however that is still in the design phase.


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      Ethernet to 3G Failover

      This would be an actual cool feature. I have a security system that relies on Ethernet and what I would like to do is add and EV-DO card to ensure that if crooks cut my internet the EV-Do will kick in. Problem is that i would then have to pay at least $39 for an EV-DO connection I don't use most of the time. Would be cool if Sprint had the per-kb usage similar to what Alltel has.


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        Cool application

        Thats cool - the security application ... in VZW I have 2 aircards an Express card and a PC card but only pay for one service. I am able to go online and change what ESN I want to use (my wife travels with one card and I travel with the other). Not sure if Sprint or Alltel have a similar feature but if your using Verizon EV-DO what you could do is buy an extra aircard that always resides in the ZTE and another that you can use always and at night do the ESN change (very cumbersome .... wish it was automated or someone can write a script to do this automatically).


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          Seemless Failover is the Key

          I think the key is the word "seemless" ... if the ZTE relies on loss of power on the Ethernet uplink to kick over to WWAN then it's not good for me in terms of failover. We all know that most of the times the internet will die but the cable/dsl modem will still be driving power to the CAT5 uplink port .... i can see how seemless failover might be tricky and probably wasteful since the router basically has to keep doing pings or otherwise detecting if a remove server is alive ... plus that server has to be guaranteed to always be alive!