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Question about the ADSL function on the H110 & H100.

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  • Question about the ADSL function on the H110 & H100.

    On one of the demo?s I remember seeing an RJ11 input labeled DSL although one of the guys at RfWeL Wireless Suport that were testing it sent a report verifying that daisy chained Ethernet was working (i.e Ethernet uplink)? So just to clarify does the H110 or the H100 have an integrated ADSL modem? Also does either of them support PPPOE that most DSL providers use?

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    Answer to your DSL question on the H110 and H100.

    H110 is an Ethernet only Uplink model. The DSL label on the RJ11 port is a mistake. The way that RJ11 port works is that in case of a power failure, the first VOIP port (labeled Phone1) fails over to this RJ11 port (marked DSL), so if a user has a active phone line connected to this port, the POTS phone connected to Phone1 jack will use this phone line. Also this RJ11 jack (marked DSL) provides user to have a third trunk (two VOIP and one TDM) and using PBX features, one can use either of the outgoing trunks for a given prefix. H110 does not even have the DSL chip so it cannot do any DSL modem function. H100 has a DSL modem (ADSL2+) and can do PPPoE.


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      Does the H110...

      Does the H110 allow seemless failover of Ethernet onto 3G (EDGE/HSDPA)? Has to internally maintain both connections and detect loss of signal on one WAN source.


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        Seemless Failover

        In the current version of H110 the failover from Ethernet to 3G card is seamless provided the Ethernet signal on WAN uplink port ceases i.e either the modem to which it is connected, loses power or if some one removes the Ethernet cable. If modem (cable or DSL modem) connected to Ethernet WAN uplink port keeps running but is not connected to Internet, the failover cannot happen. The failover is seamless from 3G card to Ethernet if the Ethernet signal is restored on the WAN Uplink port. In that case the device will hang up on the 3G card and make the default route through Ethernet uplink.

        ZTE engineers are working on a fully seamless failover feature however that is still in the design phase.