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Voice calls over wifi, bluetooth & over EVDO

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  • Voice calls over wifi, bluetooth & over EVDO

    Do you have any mobile phones that my clients can
    use with the home gateway to place calls
    internationally through wifi and locally through
    Bluetooth using credit in the Sim slotted into the
    EVDO data card?
    Access to the internet is through the EVDO Data
    card Sim card combination but the access is authorized
    by the carrier network when the Sim card is credited
    and the same credit can be used for Voice calls
    locally and i will like that my clients should have
    the flexibility in placing both international and
    local calls through their GSM wifi enabled phone, to
    the GSM network without passing through, calls
    internationally through wifi and calls to the operator
    network through bluetooth.
    Try to figure out a GSM mobile phone that can
    carry out this functions ...

    There are probably three ways to achieve this that I can think of:
    i) Using UMAN technology (Unlicensed Mobile Access Networks). This require
    carrier-side integration for handoff and call routing so is not a viable
    option unless your carrier is already considering this. We have several GSM
    phones that support UMA but this is just for T-Mobile USA (DT).
    ii) Get a CTP/GSM phone (Cordless Telephony Profile) which is probably what
    you need. We don't have these phones in stock and none of our distributors
    carries them.
    iii) Lastly you could get a standard GSM cellphone that has an integrated
    WiFi radio and load firmware to allow for VOIP.

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    E.g Bluetooth CTP/GSM phone for use with ZTE Bavo Mobile router

    The World’s First Bluetooth Class 1 CTP/GSM phone for FMC is in Mass Production

    Posted by Jonathan Dolby on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - 08:37 am:

    November 15th, 2005. IVT Corporation, the Bluetooth technology specialist, announced today at the world Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) conference in London that the world’s first Bluetooth Class 1 Cordless Telephony Profile (CTP) enabled GSM phone is now in mass production. Known as the IVT O100, the new phone acts as a normal cellular phone when outdoors and as a cordless fixed line phone when indoors.

    Dr Qiang Gao, CEO of IVT Corporation said: “Given the maturity of the telecommunications market and the growing requirement across the world for solutions to the challenge of FMC, we are confident that there will be high demand from telecoms operators for the new IVT 0100 phone in 2006”.

    The Bluetooth Class 1 CTP/GSM phone is a GSM mobile phone with Bluetooth cordless telephony function built-in, which enables the mobile user to connect automatically to a Bluetooth CTP enabled Access Point (AP) in the range of 100 meters in open air via a Bluetooth wireless link, and then acts as the cordless phone of the AP. It provides a simple and effective solution to connect to fixed line networks, IP and mobile networks and can auto-switch between fixed and mobile networks. The Bluetooth CTP phone can be used to dial out or pick up a phone call anywhere in the range of an AP but the cost of the call is the same as that of a fixed line or IP network. Users will return to the GSM mode automatically when it is out of the range of an AP.

    Field tests have shown that the IVT O100 can talk to the IVT Bluetooth Class 1 CTP enabled AP up to 150 meters in the open air. With a single 700 mAh battery, the CTP talking time reaches 8 hours and the standby time 100 hours. The IVT O100 has passed GCF, CE and Bluetooth Qualification.

    The new IVT 100 was demonstrated for the first time today at the World Fixed-Mobile Conference in London.