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ZTE BAVO H110 RADIUS support

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  • ZTE BAVO H110 RADIUS support

    Question came up as to whether the ZTE BAVO H110 has RADIUS support. The idea is to use the ZTE BAVO with a mobile hotspot where http traffic can be redirected to a remote RADIUS server for authentication and/or billing.

    Whereas the ZTE manual does not explicitly state RADIUS support it does support 802.1x authentication for WPA encryption where you can enter the ip address of the Radius server and secret key (note default port is 1812 and it doesn?t look like you can change that). It's also not clear if they use WPA or WPA2 with full 802.11i support - if you care about this we can definitely confirm with the ZTE development engineers.

    One other caveat, and we hope this is not a show-stopper especially for "mobile hotspots", is that the ZTE Bavo H110 model currently in the market only supports CDMA2000 1xEVDO and not the slower (larger footprint) 1xRTT. The good news is that it supports both EVDO RevA and Rev0. Usually this is only a problem usually for RVers traveling across the country and bound to encounter extended areas with no EVDO coverage since for most people 1xRTT is not even an option for backhauling a decent WiFi hotspot let alone attempting to implement a remote AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) solution.