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New Clear "Hub" Modem w/ external antenna port

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  • New Clear "Hub" Modem w/ external antenna port

    I noticed that Clear has just released their new "Hub Express" modem model GTK-RSU131 with an external antenna port.

    I am in an area outside a major airport and am located in the middle of 4 towers that are .5 to 1.5 miles away from my location (all different directions, NW, SW, NE, SE).

    The problem is that in the last 3 months, my bandwidth has dropped from 4-5 Mbps down to 1-1.5 Mbps down (Due mainly to excessive traffic, i'm told. Strangely, this is also about the same time that Clear merged with Sprint.). I have managed to get through to level 3 tech support and they manually "forced" me to a tower with a lower signal strength (4 bars) but I was achieving 8-9Mbps down. That lasted for about a day and then my modem reconnected to the high traffic tower with 5 bar signal and now I'm back to 1-1.5Mbps down.

    My question is this: If I get the new "Hub Express" modem with an external Wimax Directional Yagi type antenna and aimed it at the tower with less traffic, would it stay locked on that tower? The tower that I want to connect to is to the SW 1 mile at a slightly higher elevation (130') but has a clear LOS. The tower that I'm trying to avoid is .5 miles to the NW at the same elevation.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!