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    I am trying out Clear. I live on the egde of their 4g boundries, in fact I had to get some sort of variance from a Clear Mgr to even try it out. I am using the Clear WIXFBR-117 modem.

    In the house the best I can do is RSSI -88 dBm CINR 5 db. Found a spot in a shed next to the house and get RSSI -79 dBm CINR 8 db. On my roof, I get RSSI -72 dBm CINR 10 db.

    Currently Clear has me limited to 1.5 Mbps service however I can still only download at a speed of about 1 Mbps on the roof.

    Now the question. I have ordered an 18 dbi panel antenna kit with 30 ft of cable. From what I am reading, if I mount the antenna on the roof, I should be able to expect an RSSI of low 60's?? Will this help my CINR any at all?? Seems to me that download speed is more effected by CINR than it is RSSI.


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    You would get a stronger signal because the 18dBi panel has more antenna gain than the standard integrated antenna but how much better is a different story. What we normally tell people, to set the right expectation, is that you should be no worse off indoors than the performance on the roof. So, said in another way, this antenna would bring your "roof performance" into the house.

    CINR is often not affected much but sometimes because of the directionality of the antenna you could see a significant jump in CINR.

    The difficulty in making any generalizations is that everyone's situation is different, often in a subtle, non-trivial, way. For example if you have a very strong dominant signal arriving from one direction, you would see different results from using a directional panel than someone who has higher multipath propagation effects. Remember also that if you are using just one outdoor antenna than the AUX antenna is receiving the weak indoor signal thus no MIMO advantage would be realized. This further complicates any fair comparison between outdoor-no-antenna performance and indoor-one-antenna performance. In general though most people report a drastic performance improvement with just one antenna. Do let us know how it goes for you though.


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      Recieved my external antenna. Got it installed and all I can say is WOW. RSSI is now -55 dbm and CINR 14 to 15 db. Download speed is between 1.8 and 2.0 Mbps. Of course this is during the day and not peak hrs. I will have to monitor the speeds tonight and see how much loss occurs while congested.

      Thanks for all your help


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        Excellent. Nice to hear that. Thanks for the update!