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Sprint 4G coverage enhancements

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  • Sprint 4G coverage enhancements

    i have some coverage issues. the business sprint 4g sales guy is suggesting a cradlepoint mbr 1200 3g/ 4g router with a broadband 4g card. The sprint guy is suggesting one of your anntnans to help make the signal more stable and consistant. he ahs referred us to your antenna section. he says his engineer says any of your antenna in the $60 to $100 range will work jsut fine. i am looking for a suggestion from you for the actual application. we are in a beach / very coorosive / environment, and the best thing for us is something that can stand up to those harsh elements. thoughts / suggestions? thank you

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    Here is our most popular high gain outdoor directional antenna: This antenna is ruggedized for outdoor use so should do fine in the harsh environment.

    You can buy it as part of a complete kit here: where you can add low-loss coaxial cable of appropriate length, pigtail for whatever 4G modem you go with as well as optional (but strongly recommended) lightning protection.

    Here is the MBR1200 router: