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Franklin U600 WiMax / Cellular Antenna

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  • Franklin U600 WiMax / Cellular Antenna

    I have a Franklin U600 4G/3G modem from Sprint. If I use a WiMax antenna with the dual 3G/4G pigtail, does that mean that the single WiMax antenna can be connected to both the 3G and 4G modem antenna inputs? Does the U600 modem benefit from both increased 3G and 4G signals?

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    I assume you are referring to this antenna: If so then yes you can use the same antenna for both inputs. One cable goes to the 3G side and the other to the 4G input. However please note that this is a low-gain antenna with a gain of only 2.5dBi.

    If you need plenty of gain for example if you need to run long cables or if the outdoor signal is not as strong as it should be then consider using for example our 18dBi gain 4G antenna: and our 13dBi 3G antenna: separately - recall that dBi is a logarithmic scale so there's a huge difference between 2.5dBi and 18dBi!

    Let me know if you have additional questions/clarifications.