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  • clear wimax fractal antennas

    I have a Clear modem and I am close to two towers. But still only get 2 or 3 lights at any given time. I plan on moving into the country this summer and the towers will be further away. So an amplification unit will be needed.
    I was talking to a friend about fractal antennas if they were made large enough how good would they be ? I really like your site and will be doing business with you soon.

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    Fractal antennas are typically useful for wide bandwidths and this typically means that they offer low gain. One such antenna is the log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) antenna here:

    Our most popular clear antenna is however not a fractal antenna and covers only the WiMax band 2.5-2.7GHz. This is the 18dBi panel: You can get this as part of an antenna kit here: where you can select cable lengths, pigtail for your CPE/USB modem and lightning protection if required.

    Note that these are NOT "amplification units". There are currently no consumer amplifiers/repeaters for Clear WiMax. This means that you are limited in what these antennas can do. These antennas are NOT for extending coverage much above where the coverage zone ends. Rather these are for improving indoor coverage. So if your outdoor signal is quite strong but it gets weak indoors then these antennas will help. If you cannot pick up a strong signal within several feet of the outdoor location where you could mount an antenna then it is unlikely that any antenna would help (not even our most powerful 24dBi grid antenna).

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have additional questions/clarifications